Are you confused on how to put up the Dog Harness for your pet? You have just arrived at the right place. Harnesses are strap-like things, which are mainly used for the purpose of leash attachments. You could make use of the harness whenever and wherever possible, to keep your little fellow in control.

But sometimes an easy job as putting the harness may seem complicated and you won’t get it right. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to put up a Dog Harness, and I am sure by the end of it – you will just know it.

Putting on a Dog Harness The Right Way

Putting on a Dog Harness The Right Way!

There are two types of Dog Harnesses that you will generally find in stores; the Step-In Harness and the other one is Overhead Harness.

The process of placing the Step-In Harness on your Dog is given as follows:

  1. First, unbuckle the harness and place them on the ground.
  2. Keep the two belt sections in a way that it forms two loops. You have to place the front paws inside these two loops formed. Some of the harnesses mention about which loop should match which foot. If it’s given by default, then follow the same only.
  3. Pull the harness on the top of the dog, near the chest portion and snap the buckle up.

This is how you set the Step-in Harness on your dog. You can also make use of the dedicated no-pull harness for dogs in case you want to handle the constant pulling of them.

Next one is the Overhead Harness, and they are set up in the following manner:

  1. Read the manual for the guidelines, and see if you can set the right shape for the neck.
  2. Next, slip the belt through the neck portion of your pet.
  3. Pull the bottom strap around the belly region, whereas the top strap across the backside. Make sure that you do this carefully, without hurting your fur-buddy.
  4. If the harness is connected on one side then let your dog step into the loop and then clasp the straps together on the other side. Whereas, if the harness is not connected on either end, then clasp the straps for both the sides.

So, that’s how you do it!

Isn’t it simple?

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